We May Fall

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For the past 12 months, Sydney post-hardcore outfit We May Fall have been planning their Normandy. Painstakingly honing their craft, writing and recording their maiden LP offering. Personally assessing that every note fought for its place on the first warning shot from the record I Thought You Were Dead.


Don’t be mistaken, We May Fall are by no stretch of the imagination just getting started. Comprised of members from some of Sydney’s earliest hardcore acts including painkillerjayne, WMF are hardened survivors with some serious stripes on the board. Collectively, their resume boasts tours with juggernauts such as Parkway Drive, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean I Killed The Prom Queen, The Amity Affliction and many more.


Like the proverbial phoenix before them, We May Fall have risen from the ashes, bearing the scars and burns from their time in the trenches, laid out for all to see in their full-length debut album You Wear Those Scars Well. The 10-track journey won’t so much explain these hard-earned truths to you, as it will beat them into your skull.


With chuggy riffage following a relentless double-kick and vocals that cut like an axe, We May Fall have craved out a niche between the ambient and the technical, the sparse and the chaotic. From the first flesh-ripping breakdown to the last whisper of growls, You Wear Those Scars Well is a play-by-play recount falling, burning and rising again.