Hollow Heart

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Residing from various regions in Sydney, Hollow Heart is a 5 piece melodic hardcore band to enter the Australian heavy music scene in 2015. Taking influence from bands such as Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, Architects and Perspectives, Hollow Heart plan to use their skills in songwriting and passion for performing to create a sound that is fresh and their own, whilst still paying tribute to its origins.

Already having played shows alongside the likes of Boris the Blade, Absolution, Bare Bones and Dear Seattle, Hollow Heart is ready to make an impact on the local scene with their debut EP ‘Solitude’ coming early November this year, a release that aims to raise awareness towards depression and anxiety in today’s society from the perspective of loneliness and living life in solitude.



Band members:
Alexis Sellies – Vocals // Lionel Pengilley – Guitar // Dwayne Allen – Guitar // Demi Villareal – Bass // Rob de Valence – Drums

Sydney, NSW

If you could support any band in the world who would they be and why?
We definitely can’t give one single act but it’s a solid equal first between Architects and Counterparts! Architects because they are all gods amongst men, and Counterparts because Hollow Heart would not exist (at least in this form) if it wasn’t for their music.

Major influences:
Counterparts, Architects, Hundredth, Being as an Ocean, Pat Metheny and Perspectives, just to name a few.

Best gig so far?
Tough question! Probably our first show with Demi and Dwayne as band members at Venom 8th August, 2015. We had a solid turnout, a lot of people getting into our set, and it was our first show with all of us as permanent members of the band!

Dream rider:
Vodka, pizza and cider.

If your music was food what would it be?
Pizza. Because you get the best of everything in one slice and it rules on so many levels!